• Password Cleanse

    Password Cleanse

    A collection of tools for manifesting strong passphrases while helping you release the toxins of your past security habits. Through a process of focused meditation, dice rolling, and memorization mantras, you will cleanse your security. A collaboration with Demerritt Pauwels Editions. Handmade paper by Heather Peters. Kit includes Word List, five red dice, custom brass […]

  • Coin Collector

    Coin Collector

    Coin Collector helps you on your journey of giving up on desires associated with money. Find freedom in the release of your associations with paper money, fiat currency, government control, and even precious metals. Once you start your crypto collection, you will see economic value and exchange through a whole new lens. The materiality of […]

  • A Public Service

    A Public Service

    In January 2020, my book A Public Service: Whistleblowing, Disclosure, and Anonymity was released. It was published by OR Books and edited by Tim Harper with a great deal of help by Margaret Schneider. You can buy it right now here on my site or from OR Books’ site. This is a book for anyone who has thought about disclosing information, those who […]

  • Digital Resistance Kit

    Digital Resistance Kit

    Digital Resistance Kit provides you with the tools for a true identity detox. Let go of your digital profile and find clarity in anonymously browsing the web and pseudonymously communicating with others. Everyone knows who you are online — release your true inner strength through anonymity. A collaboration with Demerritt Pauwels Editions. Kit includes the […]

  • Data Transmissions

    Data Transmissions

    Data Transmissions is a series of letterpress prints of cell-phone screenshots, collected through an open call on Facebook, that reflects on the value of data and its processing. The screenshots were translated into letterpress prints through an arduous process of hand-setting metal type, cutting linoleum blocks, and using a Vandercook mechanical press. The personal data […]

  • Playing the Library

    Playing the Library

    The piece Playing the Library attempts to actively document how people browse library books, where the library is treated as an instrument that can be played. A custom book scanner was built that could be moved around and deployed at a library quickly, this gives performers complete flexibility in choosing a library location to explore. The performer […]

  • Terms of Service

    Terms of Service

    An edition of 16 books created for the show Pulp Atlas, which brought together 12 artists to each create a new book for the show. Because I did not know most of the other artists, I decided to use their names as the starting point for my piece. I did basic internet searches on their […]

  • Outtakes


    Blank pages were removed from the 400+ used books purchased for the show Materials On Reserve. This included colored endsheets, pages stamped “Discarded”, and original checkout card pages. From these pages eight books were created. Each book is unique and is bound to the smallest page in the book, allowing the larger pages to protrude […]

  • Reimagining Wild Bill

    Reimagining Wild Bill

    In 1865 Wild Bill killed Dave Tutt in the town square in Springfield, MO. This quick-draw style duel was recorded and portrayed to the public in a Harper’s Monthly article in 1867. Full of tall tales straight from Wild Bill’s mouth, this article played into the creation of the mythology of the wild west, specifically […]

  • Modern Methods of Book Composition

    Modern Methods of Book Composition

    Limited edition book. 6 copies. Includes digital offset book and Amazon Kindle, both hand bound and in slipcase. Theodore Low De Vinne is one of the fathers of book publishing in America. He was one of the nine founders of the Grolier Club, the commissioner of the font Century, and the most prolific writer on book […]