Digital Resistance Kit

Digital Resistance Kit provides you with the tools for a true identity detox. Let go of your digital profile and find clarity in anonymously browsing the web and pseudonymously communicating with others. Everyone knows who you are online — release your true inner strength through anonymity.

A collaboration with Demerritt Pauwels Editions.

Kit includes the Manual of Digital Resistance, wax sealed anonymous cash, bitcoin, prepaid gift cards, Starbucks cards, and a TAILS USB stick. A preconfigured anonymous tablet, a preconfigured anonymous smartphone, and a preconfigured anonymous flip phone w/ SIM cards are also included. The manual was printed using digital offset and Johannot paper was used for the wax sealed packets. The housing is covered in black Euro Buckram and felt. Cover foil stamped in black. 

Download your own copy of the Manual of Digital Resistance.