A Public Service

In January 2020, my book A Public Service: Whistleblowing, Disclosure, and Anonymity was released. It was published by OR Books and edited by Tim Harper with a great deal of help by Margaret Schneider.

You can buy it right now here on my site or from OR Books’ site.

This is a book for anyone who has thought about disclosing information, those who are interested in protecting their identity and researching anonymously, or people who just generally want to understand safe ways to stand up to power.

I have done a number of interviews, including one recently with David Swanson from Talk Nation Radio. There are also a few reviews of the book, this one on Boing Boing and this one on CounterPunch were very kind to me and the book.

I also posted a long excerpt of the Data Gathering chapter on Boing Boing.

I have always said that I would consider this book a success if one person avoids getting their life ruined while releasing information. I may never know if this is the case because if they’re anonymous, we’ll never know.

Be safe out there. Try to be methodical in your actions, preplanning can help.