• A Public Service

    A Public Service

    In January 2020, my book A Public Service: Whistleblowing, Disclosure, and Anonymity was released. It was published by OR Books and edited by Tim Harper with a great deal of help by Margaret Schneider. You can buy it right now here on my site or from OR Books’ site. This is a book for anyone who has thought about disclosing information, those who […]

  • Resistant Systems: Welcome

    Resistant Systems: Welcome

    A solo show at The Muted Horn gallery in Cleveland, OHDecember 1, 2018 – January 3, 2019 Resistant Systems: Welcome is the launch of a new digital-focused wellness lifestyle brand. Resistant Systems provides the tools, books, products, and looks needed to become secure. This unveiling includes the release of Digital Resistance Kit and the Manual […]

  • Digital Resistance Kit

    Digital Resistance Kit

    Digital Resistance Kit provides you with the tools for a true identity detox. Let go of your digital profile and find clarity in anonymously browsing the web and pseudonymously communicating with others. Everyone knows who you are online — release your true inner strength through anonymity. A collaboration with Demerritt Pauwels Editions. Kit includes the […]

  • Residency at SPACES

    Residency at SPACES

    I had the good fortune of doing a residency at SPACES in Cleveland, OH in the summer of 2016. During my 6 weeks at SPACES, I helped protesters at the RNC protect themselves against cellphone tracking, led a dark web treasure hunt, and made two new artworks: Echoings and Data Transmissions. Below is a video […]

  • Guide to Becoming Anonymous

    Guide to Becoming Anonymous

    The LA Crypto Crew wrote a new article for Hyperallergic. The guide goes after some low hanging fruit with locking down your phone, but really dives into setting up an alternative identity and dropping off the digital norm grid.

  • Cell Phone Safe!

    Cell Phone Safe!

    I am going to be at SPACES in Cleveland representing the LA Cryptoparty Crew. I’ll be helping activists, protestors, and anyone that wants to protect their digital devices and digital footprint during the Republican National Convention. I’ll be holding office hours from 1-4pm Monday, July 18 – Wednesday, July 20. More info on protecting your […]

  • Secure Browsing: Leaving Chrome

    Secure Browsing: Leaving Chrome

    I’ve been pretty happy with Google Chrome for the last year, but with this project I thought I should reevaluate my browser and extensions. The one thing I am excited to get away from is Chrome’s Google account integration, which synchronizes your bookmarks, history, and settings among multiple Chrome instances on different devices. This inherently […]