Choosing An Email Provider

Today I stumbled on a list of privacy and security conscious email hosting providers. It seems to be up-to-date and well maintained (Lavabit and Silent Circle are gone). I ordered the list by which providers would allow me to host my own domain name and then started removing providers that wouldn’t work for me for various reasons.list_of_privacy_concious_email_providersThis left four providers:, Neomailbox, Runbox, and I did a quick survey of their websites and is out, the website looks like its from 1995, now that inherently doesn’t bother me, but it means that no one has updated it in a long long time. Literally in 5 minutes I could make that website look reasonable. See ya later

So now it’s down to three options.


Looking through the chart above it is clear that has a lower SSL rating than Neomailbox and MyKolab. I checked out what the ratings actually mean at and I was convinced that I should take the rating seriously, an F is a big deal, especially because there is a major vulnerability with Runbox’s SSL that was known about in 2009 and has yet to be fixed.

Okay down to two providers: and

2013-08-26_2243 2013-08-26_2242

Web Client

Neomailbox’s webclient interface (from here):


MyKolab’s interface:


Frankly, they both look fine. No big winner here.

CalDav does have the option to host all my calendars there, which does not, but it would cost an additional $60/year to get my calendar there. That is not worth it.


I need real space, at least 10GB, 15GB would be preferable. To get 10GB at the cost will be $306.84 a year. YIKES! This is quite extreme. On the other hand, 10GB at will be $109.95/year, that is a manageable price for email. Neomailbox also has a 30-day money back guarantee (though those usually mean nothing other than sticking an image that says so on your website).

I asked the folks*** why they don’t recommend My only guess is because it isn’t based on a fully open-source stack. We will see if an answer comes back.

***Update: isn’t a group but anyone interested in contributing to the research, please go and help out if you have opinions. I’ve brought up as an alternative to and will update the discussion at as I progress

For right now I’m going to go for it and try out Here we go….