Email Encryption

968-h_main-wThis blog post was supposed to be really  inspiring about email encryption and would help people realize why it is important to be able to send encrypted messages whenever they wanted. It would also have simple and friendly tutorials that would show people how easy it is to get encryption setup for their emails. Even better than this, I would have explained in detail about Pretty Good Privacy which is the underlying software behind email encryption.

But instead of doing all that work, I found the website It is exactly what I wanted this post to be, including awesome clipart from the 90s, video tutorials, and very clear instructions.

So please go take a break from my site and go read up over there:

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So back to my situation… I am using Apple’s Mail program on my own computer so I opted to use GPGTool which integrates seamlessly into the Mail software. The setup is very easy and it will remember all of your contact’s public keys and encrypts automatically when writing to one of them. It’s a double click install situation.

I created my own keypairs in GPGTools, and uploaded my public key to their server so others could easily find it. So far I only have two people that I actively encrypt my email with, but I am pushing hard on my friends to adopt encryption as well.

Give it a shot, it’s super easy and email me an encrypted message when you get it setup, here is my public PGP key.