Getting Out Of Google

GoogleMonopolyI have been thinking about this for a long time and have finally decided I need to extract myself and my data from Google. This includes: gmail, google analytics, google drive, google chat, google search, google maps, google chrome, and maybe even google calendar (though my wife might not like this one), youtube, and google webmaster tools.Unfortunately for the time being I will have to keep google groups for a group that is not at an appropriate point to transition right now.

One thing to be clear about, I don’t think Google is Evil and I don’t believe that any of there products are bad, it’s just the feeling that it is only going to get harder to get out.

My intention isn’t just to ditch the above google products and start new ones, but migrate as gracefully as possible to new secure, privacy conscious systems. A list that I will be using as a starting point is at

I intend to document it all here so that others with less technical skills can benefit.

How To Get Out Of…


  1. The Email Hosting Landscape
  2. Choosing An Email Provider
  3. Migrating Gmail Data
  4. Email Encryption


  1. Secure Browsing: Leaving Chrome

Failing To Get Out Of…

Google Calendar / Google Drive/Docs